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Welcome to Chaos Theory Charters

Permit On Fly

Chaos Theory by definition states that complex natural systems obey rules but are so sensitive that small initial changes can cause unexpected results. Now my interpretation, Chaos Theory states that the complex natural system known as the Florida Keys obey the simple rule that fishing in gin-clear water for a species of a life-time changes every person for the better with results being far from unexpected.

My name is Captain Rob Kramarz and I am glad you stopped by to look at the site. The Lower Keys and Key West are some of the most beautiful flats I have ever fished. The Bahamas, Mexico, Belize and so on hardly compare to the valor of hooking up to a Keys Bonefish, Permit or Tarpon. Granted the previous mentioned islands might have big number days but the Keys offer bigger size, numbers and possibly the fish of a lifetime. The fish down here are so much smarter and wearier than in other places. That is what makes them so highly sought after.

Gin-clear water, white sand and turtle grass flats, pushes of Bonefish at dawn, tailing Permit on an incoming tide, and Tarpon rolling along channel edges. That's what it's all about down here. The experiences that abound on the flats below Marathon Key all the way to the Marquesas and everywhere in between is what draws the attention of the most seasoned of anglers. They wouldn't call the Keys the “Sportfishing Capitol of the World” for nothing. So if you are planning on fishing in the Keys, give me a call and let's see what we can do to get the rods bent with tight lines. You never know it could be a fish of a lifetime.