Practice, practice, practice.... how many times have you heard that. This mantra is the biggest bit of advice I could give to any caster. Fly fishing in the Keys was my ultimate dream and when I finally made the trek down early in my life I realized that practice was the only saving grace for the trip. Now I'm not going to tell you of a multiple bone day or a double digit permit. This realization came to me after the trip and to be quite honest I ended up skunked for the two days of fishing. Accuracy was my arch enemy then so I would practice at every available minute even if it were only 5 minutes. But I also needed professional help. Now I'm not talking psychiatric help, although some would beg to differ, I'm talking of casting instructors. With the help of Bob Popovics, Lefty Kreh, and Tim Rajeff just to name a few and to whom I am greatly indebted. I saw my casting change right before my eyes. These instructors are there for the basic reason of assisting you in your pursuit to become a better caster, and the cost of their expertise was money well spent. Invest your time at a casting seminar, set up a schedule with a casting instructor, and practice properly what they preach.They do know their craft and in no time they will have your cast tuned so well that your trip to the Keys will be one not to forget. Just remember PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Tight loops and straight lines.

Things to Bring

  • POLARIZED GLASSES (These are an absolute MUST HAVE!!!!!!!)
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Non-marking shoes/ sandals or even socks
  • Cool, fast drying clothing
  • Camera/ Video camera
  • Rain gear (yes it does sometime rain in paradise)
  • Your rods and reels if you prefer


All rates are for 1-2 anglers. A $100.00 per day deposit is required. If we are unable to fish due to bad weather, the deposit is fully refunded. If the reservations are canceled 30 days prior to the trip, the deposit will be refunded. Reservations canceled less than 30 days prior to the trip are not eligible for a deposit refund.

  • Full day (8 hrs.) $550
  • Half day (5 hrs.) $425
  • ***Pricing includes: Fuel, bait, tackle, flies, licenses, and soft drinks***

All rates in U.S. Dollars. Cash, personal check and traveler’s checks are accepted. To reserve a date, first confirm with me that your desired date is available (by e-mail or phone). Following confirmation, your $100 deposit should be remitted. I will hold your date for two weeks pending receipt of the deposit.